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Summer Gardening
One thing that is often overlooked when planning and creating a beautiful summer garden for homeowners to enjoy is the fact that the garden exists...
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  What to Look for in Plant Selection  

Good garden care does not start with your green thumb (or lack thereof). Good garden care starts with your plant selection. If you do not choose the right plants for your gardening situation, then you are already selling yourself short and putting a halt to your gardening dreams.  

  • It all starts in the garden center. You need to choose a well maintained high-quality garden center that offers plenty of choice and quality plants. Look to see if the garden center has arranged the plants logically and labeled the various plants for a better understanding. Garden centers are the Mecca of garden care and thus there should be a variety of how-to-grow information, expected size, climate conditions and various tidbits of information about every plant. Furthermore, a good garden center should employ knowledgeable, qualified and friendly staff who can help you out. And finally, garden centers should look aesthetically pleasing. After all, they are the garden care experts and thus their set up should be beautiful.  

  • Look for balanced, healthy-looking growth with well-colored leaves. This can be a good indication that the plant is healthy. Leaves that are yellow, brown, stunted or slimy can suggest a sign of insect infection, wilting, frost or other diseases.

  • Don't be fooled by the color. Make sure you do not choose plants simply because they are colorful and in bloom. This may be an indication that they are almost out of season. Although a plant may be blooming in the store, it may not do the same in your garden. Make sure you read the labels.

  •  Know your garden environment. Some plants thrive in shade; others must have the sun to survive. Think about your garden and how the sun/shade hits throughout the day. Some of the sun-loving plants include perennial flowers and roses while shade-hoppers include astilbe, hosta, cranesbill, columbine, foxgloves, bleeding heart and many more. The seasons and climate preference should be on the labels.

  • Check the roots. If it's possible, check the plant's roots by taking it out of the container. There should be a good proportion of roots to the soil. If there are too many roots with weeds or moss around them, this is a good indication that it has been in the pot for a long time and may not fare well in your backyard garden.

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Summer Gardening

One thing that is often overlooked when planning and creating a beautiful summer garden for homeowners to enjoy is the fact that the garden exists throughout the year. [...]


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