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Summer Gardening
One thing that is often overlooked when planning and creating a beautiful summer garden for homeowners to enjoy is the fact that the garden exists...
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A Know-all Short Report On The Foundations Of Gardening ...


  Garden Care for the Dog Friendly Home  

Sure, you love your dog. He's cute, he's cuddly and he's a bundle of rambunctious fun. However, he also chooses the worst places to do his business. That's right, in your garden! But that's not all. Dog urine is harmful to the grass and can leave burnt patches all over the lawn. So, how can you put an end to this horrible destruction of your lawn without forcing your dog to move away?

Read on:

  • First of all, if your dog is still a youthful trainable puppy, there is still hope! Keep him on a leash when putting him outside and guide him to the same peeing spot every time. Try to create a potty area with wood chips or pea gravel as the surface. Dogs tend to want to urinate on absorbent surfaces. Another option is to purchase urine bags from your local vet which may teach your pup the right place to pee.

  • Dog feces are another story. Some dogs are embarrassed to drop anywhere and thus will choose a spot in the corner as their bathroom. Other dogs will go whenever, wherever and even spread it around for your pleasure. There are two ways to stop this: first, set up a designated doggy bathroom in a certain corner of your yard and reward the little guy anytime he go. Do not allow him to go anywhere else. You may need to monitor his activity for the first few weeks but eventually, he will figure it out on his own. Secondly, you can clean it up. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Make it part of your daily morning routine before you have a cup of coffee or a shower. Do a stroll around the yard with a pooper scooper and garbage bag and run a sprinkler on the lawn to remove the smell.

  • Another annoying doggy habit is digging. If your little pup is a digger, it's time to put a stop to it now! Try putting a piece of steel or wood over the areas where your dog enjoys digging. Choose a designated doggy bone area that is not your garden and burry bones there for him to find, or keep him occupied with other treats and games such as a kong. And, if he does not stop his incessant digging perhaps it's time for the doggy crate or maybe even doggy obedience school.

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Summer Gardening

One thing that is often overlooked when planning and creating a beautiful summer garden for homeowners to enjoy is the fact that the garden exists throughout the year. [...]


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