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Summer Gardening
One thing that is often overlooked when planning and creating a beautiful summer garden for homeowners to enjoy is the fact that the garden exists...
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  Garden Care for All Corners of Your Yard  

Your garden is most likely your pride and joy of your front, back or side yard. It may be the centerpiece, the first thing neighbors notice, or the patch of land that ties the whole house together. Although making sure the flowers are watered, the soil is moist and the plants are flourishing is very important when it comes to your garden care, you also need to think about what the rest of your yard is doing to your garden. Proper garden care is not just about plants; it's about finding that Feng Sui, that harmonious balance in your outdoor area.

Your Garden Theme

The first thing to consider when it comes to your garden and surrounding area is a theme. Of course, a theme is not critical to any garden but it can be a fun way to tie in your furniture, your outdoor décor, and your garden plant choices.

For example, if you have a garden with a lot of blues, greens, and purples, then perhaps a tropical-themed outdoor area would be fun. Try funky Chinese lanterns as lighting and look for warm greens and blues for your outdoor furniture. Lanterns and candles can really brighten up your garden area and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Add to the tropical feel with festive fruity colored drinks, Hawaiian print table clothes or a flower pattern picnic table set. All of a sudden your garden is much more than just a Mecca of beautiful flowers; it is a backyard holiday dream.


Another great way to spruce up your garden is to add other elements besides just plants. Check out your local garden center for goofy little critters or beautiful Greek statues. A few happy little frog statues in the garden can give your backyard a fun look. Greek statues or beautiful flowing fountains can create a more whimsical romantic atmosphere.

Lawn and Fence Care

Finally, once you have the accessories, the garden, and the furniture matching and in position, you need to ensure that your fence and lawn are up to par. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful backyard garden hidden behind weeds and overgrown grass. Make a habit out of mowing the lawn once every week (or every two weeks). You can also consider coating your deck or fence with a fresh set of paint or wood varnish which can make your backyard garden really sparkle.

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Summer Gardening

One thing that is often overlooked when planning and creating a beautiful summer garden for homeowners to enjoy is the fact that the garden exists throughout the year. [...]


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